What About?


An introduction is a difficult thing to do when one is unknown. Anonymity, a central facet of this realm which we call the internet, can be a bane or a balm. For now it’ll do.

What is the Scop?

He’s a bard, a poet, an Anglo-Saxon figure who recited the oral poetry of his culture. Take a breeze through your personal copy of Beowulf and you’ll find several. You do have a copy of Beowulf, don’t you? In the original Old English? Of course you do. The name is from the Old English scōp. Scholars say it derives from the verb scieppan “to shape, create”. Isn’t that so very poetic? I’m sure they think so. Such an admirable etymology. Too bad it’s the also the origin of the Modern English “scoff”. Hah, from the Shaper to the Scoffer. . .Oh well. For now it’ll do.

What is the point of this unknown blog?

To lay out some words on the subjects of poetry, language, literature, creative writing. That sort of thing. I’m an Old English buff, so you’ll see a lot of that too. Of course, I don’t claim to be any good at these subjects or to have any stirring opinions on them. That’s for you, the mighty reader, to determine. In that respect, I’m at your mercy. Be merciful.


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