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There is an Unknown Scop, and he stoppeth one of three

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I’d like, in timely use, / Myself to introduce.

If you’ll permit me.

An interested person I am. Not interesting, necessarily–you can decide that for yourself. No, I say I’m interested because I’m interested in many things. These things include such subjects as poetry, language, reading literature and writing it. I could , of course, say that I’m a well-respected scholar on these subjects. But. . .that wouldn’t be true.

You see? I admit it. Even shrouded in the veil of the internet, someone’s got to be truthful about who they are. I’ll try as best I can. For now, that’s me, entirely. Take a glance at the “About” (what?!) tab up there if you want to read a little better description. I’m tired from writing it, and I’m afraid I’ll just be repeating myself. I’m lazy about that sort of thing.

I admit that too.